WXJB 99.9 FM Line Up

WXJB Weekly Programming Schedule

Monday – Friday

1am- 5am Coast to Coast AM / George Noory 800-825-5033
5AM – 6am Gordon Deal This Morning
6am – 9am Nature Coast Morning News  / Mike Reeves 352-796-7272 (Toll-Free 888-613-2050)
9am – 12 pm Brian Kilmeade 888-788-9910
12pm – 3pm Rush Limbaugh 800-282-2882
3pm – 6pm Sean Hannity Show  800-941.7326
6pm – 9pm
9pm -10pm Dave Ramsey Show 888-825-5225
10pm – 1am Ground Zero / Clyde Lewis 888-673-3700


12am – 6am Coast to Coast AM  / George Noory 800-825-5033
6am – 7am Best of Brian Kilmeade 888-788-9910
7am- 8am Ask The Experts
8am – 9am The Trading Post with J R
9am – 10am Planning For A Better And Safer Retirement  800-795-4333
10am – 11am The Car Guy with Wayne Bennett
11am – 11:30am “Beyond The Money” with Jackie Campbell  of Campbell & Co                                          

11:30am – 12:00 “30 Minutes to Vitality” with Tim Terlep of Terlep Chiropractic

12pm – 3pm The Weekend
3pm – 6pm The Tech Guy / Leo Leporte 888-827-5536
6pm – 9pm Handel On the Law / Bill Handel 888-242-6335
9pm – 12pm Somewhere in Time / Art Bell 800-825-5033


12am – 6am Coast to Coast AM / George Noory 800-825-5033
6am -11am Ask the Experts
11am – 12pm At Home with Gary Sullivan 800-823-8255
12pm – 2pm At Home with Gary Sullivan 800-823-8255
2pm – 5pm The Tech Guy / Leo LePorte 888-827-5536
5pm – 8pm The Best of Rush Limbaugh 800-282-2882
8pm – 10pm Dave Ramsey Show 888-825-5225
10pm – 12am Bill Cunningham

  • Bill

    Is the entry fee to Homosassa springs free tomorrow? SATURDAY

  • rowingtothedream .

    I would rather hear Herman Cain or another intelligent conservative/independent African American- Glen Beck I use to like, but find as many people he says one thing now and behaves in a way that doesn’t line up. I turn him off now and listen to Hagman and Hagman father and son investigative team on you tube.

  • Teresa Bishop Simmons

    I totally am irrate that Casey was so cruel about helping Texas…

  • Jim Larose

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Victor Malabe

    What’s the phone # you set up?

  • Derek Reyes

    What the hell is going on with the 6-9 M-F time slot? You better not move Levin.