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  • Debbie Harris

    It was so nice last week without Glenn Beck. Is there any way you could fill that time slot with Herman Cain? Love his show and Glenn Beck has gone over the deep end and is becoming a raving idiot. When he comes on, you lose a I’d rather listen to the voice of sanity in Herman Cain.

  • freedomatrisk

    I agree with Debbie Harris. PLEASE replace Glenn Beck with Herman Cain!

  • rowingtothedream .

    Everyone should read “Before it’s News”. Anonymous has inside information how incriminating the Weiner file called” Insurance policy” is to Huma and Hilary and members of congress, DOJ, Federal judges, some high ranking military and Bill. A billionaire known pedophile jet sets them around on his plane named Lolita Express to meet with kids as young as twelve. Huma has direct relations with Saudi government as does Hilary to 9/11, Al Quaeda and other Muslim Brotherhood. Humas family newspaper ran by her mother and brother and one time her has direct ties to the Saudis who backed their Muslim Newspaper. Hilary and much of Washington needs to be drained from the swamp. Watch the videos on Before it’s news.


    I would prefer to have Laura Ingraham. She is smart and witty and more entertaining than Herman. Herman is a good guy, just a little stiff on air, too much nervous laughter. BUT, at this point, any body except the lunatic Beck, he has gone off the rails. And now he has to humbly start to climb back on the conservative train, since his girl Hillary got her donkey handed to her.

  • Ron Foreback

    What the heck are JB BUCKS? Does anyone ever win the Sponsor Wheel?

  • Bill Harrigan

    Glenn Beck has become “mentally disturbed”….someone else, anyone else, would be better than him and his butt kissing cohorts on his show. I tune to 97.3 in the mornings until Beck is off the air.

  • Ron Foreback

    You play Kilmeade on your sister station, why not carry him at the 9- Noon slot. Beck is over the top with his rants and I no longer listen during that time frame.

  • Ron Foreback

    On another note, the past few mornings the Rays report has been a day behind, giving the update for the game previous to the one played the night before. This morning, the update was for their loss on Monday Night, not for the loss last night.

  • John Chamberlin

    Please switch hannity from am to fm. The munchkin is a rush wanabe. And not good at it.

  • John

    I think the consensus among listeners is Beck needs to go. Whenever his contract is over put Brian Kilmeade on 9-12. I think your advertisers would appreciate it also.

  • Audrey

    Gas @ mobile Linden / Spring Hill dr. Shell @ Spring Hill dr /Barclay

  • James R Hitt

    Why am I hearing music on 103.9 FM WWJB?????

  • HistoryFactTruth

    It seems you have either done a major programming change for 103.9 and your AM station, or sold it. But unfortunately, you also swapped out Glenn Beck with Brian Kilmeade. I like Kilmeade, but far prefer Beck. I also used to switch over to Hannity at 3 PM since Schnitt is now a broken record with zero show prep. He just talks about the same thing over and over and over for literally hours. And it’s usually not even anything we haven’t already heard, or it’s fluff. Turn him on at 3 PM and he is talking about something like the type of ammo a killer used. Go back ad 4 PM – same subject. 4:45 – STILL the same subject. And so on. Beck always does his homework, as does Hannity. Kilmeade does as well, but not to the extent of the other two. So if you are looking for input from your listeners, I vote to put Beck back on, and to replace Schnitt with Hannity – unless of course it’s because of costs. Then I understand, but I also have to say you will lose me and many others I know as a listener. I go back to the days of Bob Haa, and called his show a few times with some info and incite that he and his listeners enjoyed. Some robust debate and discussion, and facts. If you are indeed about “information”, then I’d recommend the shows I mention. Just my two cents – have a great day.

  • George

    What’s up with the schedule change? Not a fan of Glenn Beck anymore but Brian is boring. Put Joe Pags back on the air and get rid of Brian.

  • Dark Coleus

    Beck is gone? Dang. He was the only one I tuned for. Guess i can stop trying.

  • Jere C Ferguson II

    Missing glen beck, don’t want to switch to am but may have to. So so sooo over Schmidt. Everything is annoying about Schmidt. Rush is the only reason I have to tune in now.

  • Karen Mincey

    Thank You so much for replacing Glen Beck ( I was once a big fan ) AND Schnitt

  • Debbie Harris

    So glad they’re replacing Schnitt with Hannity!! Great programming changes…See ya Glenn Beck…see ya Todd Schnitt!!

  • Warren Welch

    I too am not Happy with the Todd Schnitt show, He is always tweaking our buttons, we don’t need that in today’s world, Hannity would be great.

  • Warren Welch

    Why can’t we get decent programming early on Saturday? We do not listen to your station commercial programs, boring.

  • RM686

    Thank god you got rid of Schnitt and replaced him with Hannity.

  • 221NTZ

    I was so happy that you got rid of that Schnitt guy. I listen to Rush but had to switch over to the Sky to listen to Hannity. Much better lineup now. I’m a happy camper! Thank you!

  • 221NTZ

    Why are you putting that jerk, Schnitt, back on? You had a perfect lineup with Levin following Hannity. Looks like I’ll be going back to 97.3 (The Sky) at 6 p.m.