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Nicki Minaj Pays Fan’s Student Loans!

Nicki Minaj started paying off fans tuition’s and student loans for those who asked on Twitter. Nicki has already started transferring money into people’s accounts! Nicki Minaj Pays College Tuition, Loans for Students Who Asked on Twitter

Game of Thrones 4 Different Spin offs

Home Box Office is developing 4 different spinoffs to The Game of Thrones, HBO is determined to continue the most popular series in HBO history.  Thrones is expected to conclude with its eighth-and-final season next year.  HBO

Colbert Mocks American Health Care Act

Stephen Colbert ripped the House republicans right after they passed The American Health Care Act.  Colbert pointed that the legislation to repeal Obamacare tax hikes.  Colbert mocks House Republicans after American Health Care Act passes Via