Supreme Court Rejects Second Challenge To North Carolina Absentee Ballot Deadline

On Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected a second challenge to an extension on North Carolina’s deadline to count mail-in ballots. The court voted 5-3 to reject a challenge by North Carolina Republicans to block the state election board’s decision to extend the deadline to count mail-in ballots until Nov. 13.

Republicans in the state effectively asked the justices to undo the action by the state board of elections to extend the deadline under its powers to address natural disasters in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.In Wednesday’s ruling, Gorsuch and Alito described the board’s decision as “constitutional overreach.”

The Supreme Court also allowed Pennsylvania to extend its deadline to receive mail-in ballots to Nov. 6, but rejected a similar extension in Wisconsin.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Trump bid to block North Carolina absentee ballot extension