20 Injured, One Dead In Washington D.C. Shooting

A 17-year-old was killed and 20 others were injured in an overnight shooting Saturday in Washington D.C. Metro police chief Peter Newsham said that an off-duty 1st District Police officer was one of the victims, who was shot and “seriously injured.” Newsham said that judging from gunshots being fired in multiple locations simultaneously, it appeared there were at least three shooters.

Newsham said the shooting occurred at a large social gathering with several hundred people in attendance, and that police had been at the scene earlier. He added, “Preliminarily there were police officers on the scene. I want to confirm that, I want to talk to the management team over here and see if we were doing everything we possibly could. Because we can’t tolerate these types of gatherings in our city during COVID-19, it’s just too dangerous.”

Teen killed, off-duty cop ‘struggling for her life’ in shooting at large gathering

Via abcnews.go.com