Texas and Oklahoma look to potential conference move to SEC, leaving Big 12


Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the SEC regarding a potential conference move. The addition of the Big 12 powers would give the SEC 16 schools, creating the nation’s first “super-conference” though Texas and Oklahoma’s induction into the SEC will be dependent on a “majority vote.”

Texas and Oklahoma both nearly left the Big 12 conference after the 2010 season, but stayed put as Missouri and Texas A&M left for the SEC.  Texas A&M president Ross Bjork said Wednesday he hopes the Aggies remain “the only SEC team from the state of Texas.”

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey declined to comment on Wednesday’s report. A Texas spokesperson told the Austin-American Statesman’s Brian Davis that “Speculation swirls around college athletics. We will not address rumors and speculation.”

Oklahoma State released a statement critical of any move: “We have heard unconfirmed reports that OU and UT approached Southeastern Conference officials about joining the SEC. We are gathering information and will monitor closely. If true, we are would be gravely disappointed.”

Editorial credit: Tyler Travis Clarkson / Shutterstock.com