NBA And WNBA Players Face Off In ‘HORSE’ Competition

The NBA and the WNBA brought their players back for an all-out championship “Horse” competition. Eight current and former players faced off from their respective isolated at-home courts, matching each other’s shot

In the first matchup, Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks went against Chauncey Billups.  Billups steady shot-making helped him defeat Young HORSE to HOR.

In the second matchup, Mike Conley of the Utah Jazz went against NBA Hall of Famer Tamika Catchings. Conley defeated Catchings with relative ease, as he won HORSE to no letters.

The third matchup saw Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls go against Paul Pierce. LaVine missed a few shots but eventually eliminated Pierce HORSE to no letters using some athletic moves.

The final contest of the evening was Chris Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder against Allie Quigley of the WNBA’s Chicago Sky. Quigley raced out to an early lead, and eliminated Paul HORSE to HOR with the final miss by Paul coming on a free throw line bank shot.

The semifinals of the HORSE competition will be broadcast on ESPN on Thursday, April 16 at 9:00 PM Eastern. Chauncey Billups will take on Mike Conley and Zach LaVine will face Allie Quigley. The event is sponsored by State Farm, and in coordination with the NBA, they are together donating $200,000 on behalf of the players to charities focused on coronavirus relief efforts. This donation is on top of the $74 million already donated by the NBA.

Everything to know for the NBA-WNBA HORSE competition