Impeachment Hearing Heads Towards Final Vote

On Thursday, at the 10th and final public impeachment hearing, the House Judiciary Committee moved toward a vote that would send articles of impeachment to the full House floor for a final vote next week. Democrats and Republicans debated the nine-page text of the articles of impeachment that were released on Tuesday.

The House Intelligence Committee held seven public hearings over five days in November, hearing witness testimony from 12 people. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not said which day next week the House will vote on articles of impeachment, or how much debate there will be ahead of the vote. Democrats have said they expect to lose about a half-dozen votes on their own side, but they also have a 233-to-197 majority and will be able to pass impeachment easily. In the Senate, 67 votes are required to remove the president from office. Republicans have a 53-to-47 majority in the Senate and are not expected to find him guilty of an impeachable offense.

Only two other presidents have been impeached, and it will not remove Trump from office. Impeachment would go to the Senate for a trial in January.

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