Lakers DeMarcus Cousins Allegedly Threatened To Shoot His Ex-Girlfriend

TMZ Sports has leaked an audio recording of DeMarcus Cousins allegedly threatening to shoot his ex-girlfriend, Christy West. Cousins allegedly wanted to have his 7-year-old son attend his wedding with Morgan Lang this past weekend and West refused. Cousins allegedly said, “I’m gonna make sure I put a bullet in your f—ing head.”

TMZ Sports claims to have already obtained court docs and a police report from Cousins’ ex-girlfriend. In her report, West claims that Cousins is the man speaking on the other end of the line.

West has reportedly filed a restraining order on the former All-NBA center. TMZ Sports also reports that the police have already opened an investigation on the matter. So far, Cousins has not spoken on the allegations.

DeMarcus Cousins reportedly threatens ex-girlfriend’s life the day before his wedding


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