St. Louis Woman Falls To Death While Recording Argument With Husband

A woman was recording an argument with her husband on her cell phone when she fell to her death in a St. Louis parking garage. Earlier this month, Allissa Martin was found dead on the ramp of a parking garage near Busch Stadium on June 2, according to a probable cause statement. Martin’s husband, Bradley Jenkins, was arrested and charged with one count of third-degree domestic assault following the incident and was held on $100,000 cash bond.

On the night of her death, Martin, 27, had been attending a Cardinals game with Jenkins and co-workers. Martin was employed as a correctional officer and Jenkins, 30, is a lieutenant. Officers who responded to the 911 call about Martin’s fall arrived at the garage and found Jenkins covered in blood, adding that Jenkins was “agitated and appeared to be intoxicated.” Martin’s cell phone was still recording when it was found on the seventh floor of the garage above where she was found. The two are heard arguing in the video and Martin can be heard yelling at Jenkins to “quit punching her in the face.”  Martin eventually drops the camera and, with it still recording, you can “hear her scream as she falls and…hear the thump of her body hitting the ground,” the statement said.

Jenkins said he and Martin got married in Las Vegas on May 22, according to the statement. 

Woman falls to her death while filming fight with husband


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