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Beckham Sprained Ankle – Teammates Upset

Odell Beckham Jr.was taken out of Monday night’s game after Browns cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun slammed into Beckham’s knee. Beckham suffered a sprained ankle from the hit, severity of the sprain has not been diagnosed yet. While Beckham

KD Won’t Visit the White House

Kevin Durant the White House if the NBA champions are invited. Durant spoke to ESPN on Thursday as his hometown of Seat Pleasant and voiced his opinions on the current President. KD won’t visit White House, is

Mayweather and McGregor to Wear 8-ounce Gloves

The NSAC voted unanimously in favor of a one-time exception that will allow both Mayweather and McGregor to wear 8-ounce gloves in their 154-pound bout, oppose to 10 ounce gloves normally worn in any boxing match contested

Bennett: White Players Can Help Anthem Protest Too

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett had been thinking about protesting the anthem all summer but after the events in Charlottesville this weekend he made his decision. Bennett also goes on to say that the conversation about anthem

WWE Legend Has Long Road Ahead After Surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair underwent “successful surgery” earlier Monday but is not  “out of the woods yet,” according to WWE announcer Michael Cole during the broadcast of Monday Night RAW. The prognosis remains unknown, as

Lebron James Calls For Healing

Lebron James uses his popularity and social platform to spread a message of love after this past weekend’s violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.  His message of healing also comes at the heels of a controversial President Trump