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Statue of Liberty Goes Dark

The Statue of Liberty went dark for over an hour last night.  What happened? The National Parks Service issued a statement stating that the statue had gone dark because “power and a lighting system controller had been

Hawaii Files Suit Against Travel Ban

Hawaii filed suit to temporarily block U.S. President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban.  The state of Hawaii argues in an amended complaint that the new order remains incompatible with freedom of religion protections. Hawaii files first lawsuit

3 Dead In Train / Bus Crash in Mississippi

At least 3 people are dead in a deadly crash between a freight train and a packed charter bus in Mississippi. Another 40 people were injured when when the train smashed into the bus.  At least 3

Wikileaks Dumps Secrets of CIA Hacking

WikiLeaks released thousands of pages of documents that appear to reveal CIA surveillance techniques. Some of the exploits may have been developed within the CIA, while others appear to have been purchased, copied or downloaded from non-governmental

The Plan to Repeal Obamacare Released by GOP

The long-awaited Republican replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act (best known as Obamacare), was released by House Republicans on Monday. U.S. Republicans unveil plan to dismantle Obamacare, critics pounce Via 03/06/2017 6:12 PM  

Trump Sign Travel Ban….Again

Donald Trump signed a revised executive order to reinstate a ban on immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries and suspend the US refugee program. Trump signs new travel ban directive Via 03/06/2017 9:50 AM  

GM’s European Opel Division Sold to Peugeot

General Motors Co. has announced that it will sell its European based Vauxhall-Opel business to France-based PSA Group for around $2.33 billion. It is expected to close later this year. Vauxhall-Opel sold by GM to Peugeot-Citroen Via

Caterpillar’s Headquarters Raided by DoJ and IRS

The headquarters of Caterpillar, the maker of the big yellow machines you see every day, were raided by federal law enforcement authorities over possible tax fraud. U.S. authorities raid Caterpillar’s Illinois facilities Via 03/02/2017 12:31 PM

First Lady Reads Books to Sick Children

First lady Melania Trump met with children at a New York City hospital on Thursday, and read ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss in celebration of Read Across America Day.  Melania Trump reads Dr Seuss