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Us Retail Numbers Falls for Second Month

 The age of online shopping is here. Americans curtailed their shopping this May and June, with less spending at restaurants, department stores and gasoline stations. Despite a healthy job market retail sales fell 0.2 percent after declining

Mass Man Accused of Threatening Obama

Joseph Gargiulo was arrested last August when an FBI raid of his home turned up assault rifle parts, ammunition, incendiary materials and threatening handwritten notes to assassinate President Obama. He has pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of

Illegal Immigrant Drunk During Deadly Crash

An illegal immigrant  from Mexico snuck in the US seven times crashed while drunkenly speeding down a Nebraska highway. Nemias Garcia-Velasco’s bail has been set to $2 million for fear he might flee the country again.  Illegal

Hantavirus Outbreak Kills 3 in Washington State

A rare rodent-borne illness, hantavirus has sticken five people in Washington state since February, three of whom have died. It is transmitted to humans from deer mice through contact with urine, droppings, saliva or nesting materials of