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Irma Upgraded to Category 5

Over the weekend, Hurricane Irma has strengthened into an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 storm, set to hit the Caribbean islands Wednesday before possibly hitting the US later on this week. Irma was churning Tuesday morning with maximum

Chemical Pant Explosions Add to Harvey Destruction

Reports of “explosions and black smoke” came at 2 a.m. local time Thursday at the Arkema chemical plant in Crobsy, Texas.  The plant had lost refrigeration due to the floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey.  Certain chemicals they produce

Texas Man Shoots Potential Burglar- Not The Case

A man was shot in the head by a Texas homeowner Friday has died.  Police said the initial account appeared that the homeowner fired at a would-be burglar, but after investigation that doesn’t appear to be accurate.

Death Toll Of Hurricane Harvey Hits 18

After a devastating few days in Houston, the death toll during Harvey has risen. As of Wednesday morning, Hurricane Harvey has claimed at least 18 fatalities in the Houston area. Death toll from Harvey rises to at