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Trump’s Trans Ban Met With Lawsuits

On Friday President Trump directed the military not to move forward with an Obama-era plan that allows transgender individuals to be recruited into the armed forces. Civil rights groups filed two lawsuits challenging President Donald Trump’s controversial ban, saying

Hurricane Harvey Causes More Damage in Houston

Tropical Storm Harvey is causing some of the worst flooding Houston has ever seen, as federal engineers on Monday were forced to release water from area reservoirs in hopes of controlling the rushing currents. Harvey is lingering

President Trump Begins Tax Reform

U.S. President Donald Trump will begin a major push next Wedjesday with a speech in Missouri to convince the public of the need for tax reform. The President has shifted gears and his entire agenda will be

Florida Set to Carry Out Execution With New Drug

Florida is scheduled on Thursday to put to death an inmate by injection that includes a drug never before used in a U.S. execution.Mark James Asay, 53, would be the first Florida inmate executed since January 2016. 

Powerball Ticket Unclaimed0 $759 Million Jackpot

A Powerball ticket sold in Massachusetts will have won more than $750 million on Wednesday. The ticket matched all six number draw, but has still gone unclaimed to one of the largest in the lottery’s history. Powerball

What to Do With Used Eclipse Glasses

Tuesday millions of people ogled the skies using eclipse viewers, but happens now with the glasses? Another eclipse will cross America in 2024, or you can donate them to other parts of the world, who will experience

Eclipse Sinks Netflix Viewership

Mother Nature triumps over new age media, as Netflix says during the eclipse Monday afternoon, there was a 10% drop in viewership. The next eclipse is set to occur in April 2024, which will cover most of