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Sanders Campaign Lays Off Hundreds

Bernie Sander’s campaign revealed plans Wednesday to lay off more than 200 staffers as the number of primaries still remaining dwindles. “They are not layoffs. We have 40 states behind us and 10 states in front of

Ted Cruz Announces Fiorina as Running Mate

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced Carly Fiorina announced Wednesday afternoon that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate if he wins the nomination. Cruz, who has spent the past few days in IN trying to get a head start on Trump and move swiftly past his humiliating

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Gatorade honors Peyton Manning in new ad campaign

In its new “Dear Peyton” campaign, the sports drink maker tracked down people who received handwritten letters from Manning and filmed them reading portions of these, set to an instrumental recording of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are

New Home? Oakland Raiders owner wants to move team to Las Vegas

Owner Mark Davis said Thursday that he wants to move the team to Las Vegas and pledged $500 million toward the building of a proposed $1.4 billion domed stadium in the renowned gambling city during a meeting of


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